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What do we know about life after death? And how do we know it? Or, rather, can we know anything about life after death? Heraclitus, Plato, Hume, and other great philosophers said that the question is ultimately unfathomable. That is, they said that this particular mystery may be beyond the reach of rational knowledge. But, even if they are right, can we correct the situation? Can we develop new methods of rational investigation suitable to the question of life after death?

It is not possible to rethink rational inquiry into this mystery without reconnecting with the ancient Greek philosophers. They were the first men to apply rational methods to consider the fate of the conscious self upon physical death. In fact, at that time, most people identified philosophy with curiosity about that mystery in particular.

Some wonder about the prospect of an afterlife from early childhood. However, in many cases, people begin to ponder this question only in the wake of losing loved ones to death. Or, they begin to wonder about it as age encroaches. A rational proof of an afterlife would transform the nature of logic itself—and the mind!


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